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:: Thursday, May 29, 2003 ::

I wear a tie to work for the first time in many moons and my coworkers are acting really weird around me. Maybe they think I know something they don't, like today was the "come to work wearing a tie and you don't get laid off day". Everybody is a little sketched out. How can one man's tie throw off the cosmic balance of an overnight shift. Of course I got asked the classic "Do you have an interview" question. I guess the sight of a grown skate punk wearing a red Van Huesen tie is just too much for some people.

Nope, no interviews, no promotion, no brown nosing...just wanted to look like a nicely dressed man for once. Besides, I like wearing ties. I finally lost enough weight that I can wear dress shirts tucked in and look good and solid. I can still shed some more pounds, but at least I am getting past certain obstacles that stood in my way, basically curbing my appetite and not stuffing my face. Now if I can just take out Willie Wonka, I would be set. Mmmm....gobstoppers.

The weekend is approaching and once again, they call for rain. Blah!!!! I'm sticking my pierced tongue out right now at the sky!!!

for now,

Oh yeah, I updated the links with homestarrunner!!! Long Live Strong Bad!!!
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:: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 ::
So I'm back to work after a long four-day memorial weekend. The weekend started off very good but ended rather anti-climatic. Let's just say if it wasn't for the Internet, I would have gone stark-raving mad yesterday. I was so bored (and lonely). But what saved me from doing myself in all together was watching my friend Strong Bad on his webite.

If you are still here reading my post, homestarrunner is a series of cartoons featuring some bizarre characters that are immediately loveable because they simply rock. I freaked myself out Sunday because I was watching them all by my lonesome and caught myself laughing out loud. Not just a chuckle but full-out laughing. That's a crazy feeling, laughing out loud with nobody else in the room. Makes you feel sort of insane. Strong Bad is insane. He is the best character of them all. Find the link to where he answers his email. That is the best shit.

The rest of my weekend was okay. Saw Ween Sunday in Assbury NJ. What a fun show. Met some cool people which I am in definite need of meeting and hopefully will see them again. I love meeting new people and feel that in the last few weeks, I have been introduced to many. I hate feeling stagnant and need to keep moving forward. Meeting people from all walks in life helps one stay progressive and aware. I am thankful that I can get along with most people easily. Anway, Ween was a lot of fun. They are so out there. Now more than ever I want to get an amp for my guitar and convice somebody to get a bass. I wouldn't mind playing bass also. One thing I miss about me Plattsburgh friends is that there was always somebody willing to jam out. And at any given moment, you could find a drummer or a bassist or a keyboardist and put together a band for the day. I love jamming, just don't know too many people down here on the island who do.

Go check out that website that I told you about!
Also, don't know what the hell happened beneath this post disregard it.

for now,

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So I'm back to work after a long four-day memorial weekend. The weekend started off very good but ended rather anti-climatic. Let's just say if it wasn't for the Internet, I would have gone stark-raving mad yesterday. I was so bored (and lonely). But what saved me from doing myself in all together was watching my friend Strong Bad [+] ::
:: Thursday, May 22, 2003 ::
Okay, got my shit together. Amazing how one day of good sleep can help. I just couldn't concentrate long enough to sort out my fragmented thoughts. Damn ADD and Insomnia. But I'm feeling much better now. Yankee's won tonight, pushing Clemens one away from 300 wins. I can't believe my work week is almost over. One more night and then fun begins again. Ween, skateboarding, long holiday weekend...but they do call for rain. Boo....I just realized that Clemens will be going for his 300th at Yankee Stadium on Memorial Day. I'm going to see if anyone wants to score tickets for that with me. Lynn probably will if she doesn't go to work. This will probably convince her.

This post is going to be short because I have some things I want to do tonight, so...

for now,

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:: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 ::
Don't know what the fuck is up with me right now. Just in a really bad mood and feeling overwhelmed. Damn, this blog is going to become like a really bad old journal that I can't believe I wrote back in college. Bad angst writing...but don't know where else to turn to vent right now. Just need to get it all out, even though I don't know what the fuck it is that's bothering me. Perhaps I'm just really friggen tired and this is wearing down my mental state.

Got tickets to see Ween play Saturday in NJ, which will be lots of fun, even though it is in New Jersey. Caryn and I will probably drive down. Originally I anted to take the train, but that would just be too many connections. I wanted to get really drunk, so maybe Caryn can drive. Of course Holly will be working. I'm starting to really resent our schedules. I can't wait to jump to evenings. That is one thing that is really bothering me, not seeing Holly. It really is starting to affect me in not so good ways.

I have to help Haire move sometime either this weekend or next, which I have no problem with, but I need to figure out when. Because I work and sleep all week, I cram too many fucking things in on the weekend. I also want to see The Matrix with my brother and drive onto the beach with friends. Not enough time to have a social life. But they do call for rain, all weekend, so everything will have to be played by ear.

You know, I just really want to drink some beer and watch the Yankees. That seems like a good plan to me.

for now,
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:: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 ::
Got back from Vermont late last Sunday night. Coming home is always anticlimatic. Vermont was a great weekend away from the city, but certainly not the madness. It just seemed that there was a constant cloud of confusion hanging over our heads that resulted in annoying situations, but we were all able to laugh most of it off. My bonehead move for the weekend most likely started the chain of events. Saturday morning we decided to go into Burlington to go check out some things we wanted to take care of. Because I drove up with two dogs in the back of the truck, I went out before our ride down and vacuumed out the car. Our skateboards were in the back, so I put them on top of the car for what should have been the time-being.

Well, after the 20 minute ride down the Interstate, I pulled into a spot across from the park in the heart of Burlington. Suddenly, I sensed trouble. I slowly walked to the back of my truck and looked in the back. NO SKATEBOARDS!!! Not trying to alarm anyone, I calmly asked Jake and Lynn if they remembered seeing the skateboards before we left. Imagine how my stomach sunk when they realized I left the boards on top of the roof and drove off. Let's just say I still feel like an asshole.

Fearing inpending doom, Lynn called back to the house and spoke to Jen and Caryn. They went out looking for the boards. Each time Lynn's cell phone rang, I could feel my heart pound in my chest. The girls were able to find my board a mile away from the house, by the Texaco. Lynn's was nowhere to be found. I felt so fucking bad. I was prepared to go back to Jakes and order a new one immediately from CCS.com. However, after driving 90 MPH back to Georgia from Burlington, I knocked on the neighbor's door and it turns out they found Lynn's board on the side of the road. So...all's ended well. I still can feel that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, but at least I can now laugh at it. I'll never live this one down. That is for sure.

The best part of being up in VT, besides Jake's killer cooking and even better home entertainment center, was playing Frisbee with Jake and Lynn. It was great seeing our dogs tire themselves out and seeking solace under a shaded tree. Ronan was so well behaved the entire weekend. He is very calm when there are other dogs around and I would love to get another one for him, but not until we can get our own house. Renting sucks. Go Kart racing was also a lot of fun. Jake was a madman and had such control. My kart kind of sucked, but maybe I sucked more, hard to say. Jake looked so natural behind the wheel, though. What else happened this weekend...oh, a seizure, fruit salad and a great homemade pancakes helped fulfill the promise of a weekend. Plus lots and lots of Long Trails. Karl hung out most of the weekend also. Vermont friggen rules!!! The ride home was hysterical with Caryn "Anna Nichole Smithed" out in the back of the truck with the 2 dogs. Lynn and I were pissing ourselves that is how hard we were laughing.

Holly, as usual, wasn't around. She was in San Fran for a convention. At the time of writing this, I still haven't seen her since Thursday morning. But we just got off the phone (she's home now). She had a great time and visited some interesting haunts out there. Spent a lot of time in the gay bars and she had a private viewing of a museum. That must have been awesome. Pretty excited because I'll finaly get to see Holly tomorrow. We are going to get some Chai and just catch up. Plus she got me presents!!!

I updated the links with The Disgruntled Ex-Burger King Employees page. Funny shit!!!
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:: Friday, May 16, 2003 ::
Damn it...damn it...damn yahoo to hell!!! Those fuckers stole my morning away from me and I want it back. They advertised in their movie section showtimes for The Matrix all morning. So, I left work early, got home and drove 20 minutes away to the theatre advertised with these times. Pulling up I should have known things were about to get ugly because there was no line. Instead, I was like, "Yeah! No lines and only me and Holly for the Matrix!"

Well, when I got to the ticket counter, CLOSED! The times were advertised wrong. I lost my cool, flipped out and demanded justice to no avail. UA does not support or endorse Yahoo Movie times. A lesson learned. I went home and watered my lawn.

Damn them...

for now,

I am one mad Jew
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:: Thursday, May 15, 2003 ::
Sorry I haven't been able to post lately, whenever I've tried to log in from work, access would be denied. Tonight, for some strange reason, I got in. Going to see the Matrix this morning. Can't wait for that. Then going up to Vermont for the weekend. Holly will be in San Fran for a convention and I didn't feel like sitting home all weekend. Besides, I've been planning this trip for a long time. It is my friend's birthday down here on the Island and I do feel guilty about not celebrating with her/friends, but I need to get the hell off this sandbar.

Finished reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. She never felt comfortable with her book, thinking it was not of sound literary value. And it didn't receive the best praise here in the states, which I was surprised to find out. She was often called a feminist J.D. Salinger, which caused her much distress. Released initially in England, Plath killed herself before the book reached American shores. Little did she know that she would soon be noted for creating the definitive female rite-of-passage novel. Even though The Bell Jar was not crafted to perfection, it proved to be an excellent window into the life of a brilliant yet distraught woman.

The Bell Jar was first published under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas, for Sylvia Plath questioned the literary value of the novel and did not believe that it was a "serious work." Besides this, it contained themes closely associated with her life and feared repercussions from writing about those close to her. The most important events of the novel are almost strictly drawn from Sylvia Plath's biography. Sylvia underwent electroshock therapy and disappeared after a suicide attempt, after which she was hospitalized for psychotherapy.

The role of female sexuality is what I found to be the most peculiar. It is only when Esther takes control of her own sexuality by obtaining birth control pills that she gains the sense of freedom that has eluded her throughout the novel. Plath contrasts the independent form of sexuality shown by Esther with more conventional and dependent modes; she celebrates Esther's decision to find a man herself over the choice to submit herself to the demands of Buddy Willard merely to gain sexual gratification. Also, Sylvia Plath relates sexuality to violence against women, finding the two concepts significantly linked. This occurs when Esther finds herself in the apartment as Lenny Shepherd and Doreen prepare to have sex through violent foreplay that even suggests rape. This becomes more explicit and unambiguous during the actual rape attempt against Esther by Marco, who uses sexual violence as a means of asserting his power over Esther and, in general, all women. This theme finds a final expression when Esther loses her virginity to Irwin and suffers intense bleeding. This occurrence is morally ambiguous, the event is seemingly one that would empower Esther but instead finds her in some sense a victim through her needing to go to the hospital to contain her hemorrhaging.

I am interested in acquiring her first publication in "Seventeen" magazine, August 1950. The short story was called "And Summer Will Not Come Again". I wonder how hard it will be to find a copy of this magazine in good condition, and cheap.

For now,

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:: Friday, May 09, 2003 ::
Hmmm...I just noticed the banner ad on top of my boring pathetic blog was advertising grass seed. Odd...my last few blogs have been about my lawn replacement. Now looking back, I remember seeing ads for heavy metal music and CDs for sale...the blog people are in my head....maybe I'll start talking about Barbie dolls and/or KY Jelly and see what they will advertise next. Project Mayhem assignment #1 - deceive blog people with jr. high potty humor.

for now,

ken and Trojans (lubricated and ribbed for pleasure, of course)
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:: Thursday, May 08, 2003 ::
Ammendment to 4/22 blog: Caryn did, indeed, like a Mighty wind! I was mistaken, as I just found out.

I also found out that people actually have been reading these. Haire emailed me and called me a slacker, which I am, because I haven't updated in awhile. Damn, if I knew people were actually reading, I would post all the time. Well, that's a lie, I would post more often. Anyway, my frozen pizza is burning so...off I go for now. More probably tonight because work has been very slow again.

For now,

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