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:: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 ::

HEY....I'm back. Yeah I know, I haven't blogged in awhile. Just had nothing to say. But you know, even when you have nothing to say, the brain is still kicking and screaming. So I have a few months of catching up to do...which I am too lazy to do, so this blog is only going forward, not backwards.

I've been on a hard drinking absinth binge lately that has left me with pains in the liver, but don't worry, no ear hacking yet. I actually just stopped drinking for awhile because of my absinth experiences. Last Saturday I went to Queens and drank serious amounts with individuals who will remain nameless. Let's just say it was out of this world, especially when I found myself ironically in Chek/Polish bar where if it were legal, Chek bohemians would have been drinking out of the traditional sipping pipe.

Besides this, I have been playing lots of playstation, making losts of music and avoiding trouble at all costs. I've been bringing my dog down to the beach alot lately, fighting the cold just to see him run. For a seven year-old mutt, he still has a beautiful, healthy stride and can outrun Bibby's two purebred labs.

Our kitten is crazy and our old cat is starting to loose control of her bladder, or she is spraying because of her annoyance of the kitten. Whatever the deal is, it must be reconciled.

Just started reading the Stand for the first time and boy is it long. Work right now is sort of slow so that is why I am blogging.

I recommend the bands Pelican, the new Neurosis, the Cure Box set that just came out and the newest Crystal Method.

for now....
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